Writing content for the search engines
Posted by Steve Riley on 16 March 2016 05:34 PM

Writing content for the search engines

The first thing we'd stress is not to get too worried about it to the extent that it will stifle your natural writing style. 

Be interesting and write naturally are the two keys - the search engines are quite switched on to people 'gaming the system' these days and much better tuned to picking up content that works for the reader. So think as much about your human readers as about interesting the search engines. 

You could try brainstorming on a blank sheet and very quickly writing down the sorts of terms you'd like to be found for. If you pick out one term that is most important make sure that is in the first paragraph or two of the text. There's no harm in repetition but again watch out for anything that sounds clunky when you read it out loud. Try variations on a theme - 'care home', 'home care for the elderly' - but just tell your story honestly.

If you have Google Adwords setup, you may already have done the keyword brainstorming process there and you should probably ensure that you're targetting the same keywords.

Writing style

Our opinion is that people expect a fairly informal writing style for the web: 

  • short sentences
  • short paragraphs
  • use contractions (we're, we'd) 
  • address people directly: "You'll find us easy to..."

Hope that helps a little!


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