I'm being approached by a domain seller offering variations on my domain - should I buy them?
Posted by Steve Riley on 30 March 2017 03:54 PM

Question: Should I worry about registering domain variations? I'm being approiached by an agency

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Rest easy at night. Just ignore - they are often a spammy attempt to frighten you into registering extra domains. There are multiple variations of your name and the domain extension you COULD register. But even at a few quid each they soon add up.
If you did want other domains just do it yourself with someone like rather than using an agency.
Concentrate on doing good things with your website - jobs, news stories, attractive copy - and don't worry about the rest of the world.



Sample email

Dear Site Owner,

We reviewed those names and noted that your company is using [yourcompanyname] once receiving the registration request via our website. The below is what they are applying to register through our agency:

Brand name:
Domain names:


We don’t know the intention of the 3rd party company using domain names. We can't ask them to fill the application form because our agency doesn't officially accept their registration request yet. I am deeply sorry for not providing what you need, please understand it. They may use the name to set up websites to promote reputation and sell goods or sell them for profit. In that way may it confuse your current and potential clients or even put your brand in bad position. I hope you could evaluate repercussions.

You should be aware that the registration of names is open in the world, that company also has the right to apply for those available names. You only have the preferential rights to register them.  We are also afraid they will find another registrar help them register those names and we don't know whether or not that registrar will inform you of this, please beware of this.

Regarding domain names they apply to register are mainly in Chinese areas, we suggest you to consider the business potentials of this area and understand the repercussions of those names being registered not by your company. Anyway, you can choose to register them if you think these areas are important to your company’s businesses; if not, you can ignore it then we will pass their request.

I am looking forward to your thoughts.

Best regards,

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