Why are IP addresses blacklisted?
Posted by Steve Riley on 08 October 2019 11:07 AM

Blacklisted IP addresses

There is a firewall on the server that automatically blocks IP addresses based on automatic rules that "look like" hacking attempts. The firewall blocks many IP addresses a day (many from Russia, Romania, China, Philippines etc) that are from hackers and it is rare that it blocks valid IP addresses. We can't turn off the automatic blocking as real hacks would get through and the site would likely go down.

Unfortunately our logs don't always have complete information as to why a particular block was put in place. It is likely to be due to a large number of hits to the site / server from your IP address in a short space of time. To guarantee that your IP isn't blocked you would need to check your network to see what frequent requests were made from your IP to the server.

The process is not 100% foolproof and is necessarily cautious to avoid the regular attacks from mailicious IPs and the server downtime that would result from a more open policy. I hope this explains a more about how our security systems work on the server.

Multiple server calls (for example, incorrect email logins, or requesting email signature files) can use additional bandwidth if there are many calls to the server.


We can also 'whitelist' an IP to add it to a safe list, if an address is being blocked for no good reason. In this case we need you to supply details of the IP address you'd like adding. A tool such as can be used to show your address in IPv4 format.

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