What can you change in the product to improve SEO?
Posted by Steve Riley on 21 May 2020 10:23 AM

Is FXRecruiter SEO optimised?

Reverse Delta's FXRecruiter product evolved as a side-effect of our SEO Consultancy work. The aim of the product was always to create a fully featured recruitment product with SEO 'baked in' from day 1. Our busier sites naturally feature well in search engine rankings - a combination of good, regular content and technical features that expose the content well to search engines.

Technical tweaks vs compelling content

  1. If you're a recruitment firm it is likely that 80-90% of the traffic to your site will be to the jobs pages. We therefore recommend that the bulk of your SEO effort is spent on writing really well optimised job descriptions.  
  2. Jobs are structured in such a way that they are easy to find by the search engines. 
  3. Make them compelling by writing well with all the content that a human reader would want. Don't just cut and paste the brief the client supplies! You're the expert, or if not make yourself the expert. Write well and train your team. 
  4. Pay attention to formatting - let the website stylesheet do its job of representing your brand - strip out all the formatting from Word source documents if using 'paste'.

Will you talk to my SEO agency?

  1. We can work with your agency on your behalf if given authorisation.
  2. We normally deal with a single client contact, but can deal with queries on your behalf.
  3. Queries should be bundled together and we'll let you know if it becomes time consuming for little tangible benefit.
  4. Email as the primary contact method and your query will be tracked and handled.

How much can you change?

  1. You can change the content on your website
  2. You can edit the meta data (or go with the defaults provided - it's not super-critical)
  3. You can provide a steady stream of keyword rich jobs and news stories. This immediately puts you ahead of websites with static, unchanging content.

Is the product customisable?

  1. The website is built using a standard 'product', benefiting from thousands of development hours. The platform is customisable but changes to your site would routinely be a costed 'change request'. 
  2. We will consider amendments that would significantly benefit the product and help clients, adding to our product roadmap, so you may have a worthy suggestion, but it may take a while to be scheduled.
  3. Some of the changes your SEO agency may suggest will be marginal gains and of arguable benefit. It's a natural that they will want to suggest things. SEO is not an exact science. If it was 100% consensus, every site would be the same and there would be no SEO. 
  4. Compare our fees - most agency retainers will be far greater than our own charges. They need to generate activity to justify their fees.
  5. We can't give you or your agency server level access - that would breach our security processes, in place for everyone's benefit. 

Send your queries in our direction, the answer won't always be 'yes' but we'll explain why. 

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