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Google for Jobs
Last Updated 3 months ago

What is Google for Jobs?

Google recently introduced Google Jobs as their play in the job search market.

We use Google Structured Data to allow the jobs to be read by Google. After that it's up to Google what it does with the jobs and whether it decides to feature them.

There's a test tool here:

You can add a job URL and test the suitability of job data for Google listing.

You may see a warning, highlighting the lack of a Job Postcode and Street Address ...neither of which you'd want to publish to the competition. These warnings wouldn't generally stop the job being picked up.

So jobs are published in a good state for Google Jobs from FXRecruiter but after that it's in the lap of Google.


Applies to version 5 and 6 of FXRecruiter.

Older sites may be updated at cost price - ask the Support Team about this.

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